Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long Time No See, I hope I'm going to Belize

Ok so the title kinda rhymes...not totally.

Here is the lowdown since December. I decided to fall off the wagon, start putting weight back on and then put it all to a stop 30 days ago. I have lost 10 lbs in the past month. Whoop! Whoop!

I'm back in the saddle, screw you winter, I'm on to bigger, or maybe smaller and better things! My dear friend Laura is getting married in October, IN BELIZE! I repeat, she is getting married in BELIZE! I am on the hunt to reach some greatly needed fitness and weightloss goals by the time this rolls around, so I in fact don't look like a beach ball rolling around on the beach.

Here they go:

Fitness Goals:

I want to get back into running, my hip has had time to heal and it's time to test out the ol' girl and see what she can do. I would like to have a sub 10 minute mile by October.

Crossfittin’ like it’s my business

Flexibility & Strength in Yoga

Stronger Core-Planks

Weightloss Goals:

It's steep but here it is...I want to lose 60 lbs. Hard? Yes. Unthinkable? No.

I want to feel good in a bathing suit, not just look good, but FEEEEEEEL good. This is an important step in the journey which is actually enjoying all your hard work. I went from no enjoyment to ALL enjoyment last time and look where it landed me! 38 lbs heavier. ugh.

Here's how I will get there:

Working out atleast 4-5 days a week and including strength training on my own, crossfit, pilates, yoga, running, walking, riding my bike, hiking & playing sports whenever I have the opportunity

I know I won’t work out every single day but its important that I work out more days than not during any given week. Keep my nutrition in check by limited by alcohol intake on the weeknights and making healthy and nutritious meals that include lots of paleo influence, planning and preparation.

I can do this. I will do this. Unless I end up pregnant, then I might be mistaken for a manatee in Belize. I find this hilarious but someone who finds this in a hundred years ago is going to be blaming their self-deprecating great grand-mother for her current self image issues. Sorry kid.

How will I stay accountable? By knowing that I have made the promise, here and now that I WILL, NO MATTER WHAT I LOOK LIKE, post a picture of myself in a swimsuit on my blog in October.

Dear lord what have I gotten myself into.

In case you were curious I have been blogging since december, but it's been about my business! Join me over at

Monday, December 19, 2011

MyFitspiration Christmas Challenge: Video Blog 1

Heyloooo Friends! I am super excited to be joining Hannah & Olivia's Christmas Challenge. They run a great blog about all things fitness over at it!

My goal was to "weighin" if you will, once a week with a video blog about my week and my goals. I hope everyone has a fantabulous week. Enjoy!

Ps-Next video blog will be from a webcam so I don't keep swaying back and forth. Ha!

Pss-Happy Birthday to my trainer & friend Josh from FitFx!

Psss-This video is taking foreevveerrr to upload. (Sits on ball waiting to publish blog post)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking a stand against the duck face...

Ok ladies, I know after a few drinks (or for some no drinks) you start getting goofy with your girl friends and the camera but for the love of all that is holy can we Puhhleaaseee do away with the duck lip Facebook profile pic?!

Answer me this...have you ever, I repeat EVER seen a victoria secret catalog full of duck faces? On the faces of runway models? No, hmmm, curious. How about the Duchess of Cambridge? No?

So that leads me to answer the question...WHO thinks this picture is acceptable or flattering? After scouring my facebook page I was lead to one photo of me with half a duck face...why you ask? No, I'm not a hypocrite (ok-well at least on this subject). We were making fun of the "bathroom" duck face photo.

Join me in doing away with this tragic facial expression in photos.

PS-I still put the ass in class, I still I pass out drunk in the middle of hula hooping at my in-laws on Christmas and I still throw toast in perfectly good establishments, I just don't duck face.


See below for hilarity. PSS- This photo is still unacceptable even considering the context. Just sayin. (Love you nik & ash)