Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010: A Year of Do rather than Resolve to Do

I have so many goals and aspirations for the year 2010, however I am attempting to "do", "live" and "achieve" more often than the time I would usually spend planning these things. While I made great strides in 2009 in this direction, it wasn't really a goal of mine, it just happened.

I'm excited to compete in my first half marathon in May (pending a much happier back), and I'm looking forward to any other races I decided to participate in this year. I would resolve to 'reach my weight loss goal" but i have realized that my goal all along was to be happy with myself and be healthy and enjoy my life. In 2009, I accomplished all of this and now I just need to live out my life in this manner and continue working towards the goals I set for myself.

Don't get me wrong, I do want to reach that big goal and I CANNOT WAIT to hit 100 lbs lost but whenever it happens, it will be phenomenal. I can resolve to not putting myself down in the interim. Any steps taken in the right direction are still steps taken.

Now that I feel like I have a handle on the thing that has literally consumed my whole life I can work on other goals. I resolve to enjoying all the little moments in life and work on destressing and smiling more. Every moment should be a moment worth smiling for if you have your health, your family, your friends and respect.

I am realizing that I reach goals I never knew I had by living out every day of my life to it's fullest potential.

I am thankful for 2009 and excited for 2010. Will we really decided that this is the year to try and get pregnant? Only time will tell. I do know we will celebrate an entire decade spent together and that makes me very happy and extremely fortunate.

Cheers to the past and everything that has yet to come! Happy New Year!

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