Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 7 Day Stretch

In an attempt to cure my hamstrings of perpetual discomfort and clear my mind I have instituted the 7 Day Stretch in an attempt to get into a routine with my Yoga practice. Up until this point it has been a Yoga class every couple months...I feel great, I love it, and yet I never incorporate it into my daily routine.

We always seem to let the things that are best for us slip away...

I have my Buddha board ready to paint away my fears, affirm my positive thoughts and be by my side during meditation. I think when you are mid journey and seem to have lost your way its important to find a focus, find a center and realize what it is that makes you happy again.

The things that make me sweet pup who is here helping me write this, kisses in the morning when I'm just barely waking up and I see my husband smiling at me, balance in my life, sunshine, feeling a sense of accomplishment, remembering who I am at heart and getting back to that.

Sometimes kindness and humility slips away from us, sometimes reason, sometimes those we love, whatever it may be there is a way to gain knowledge and a sense of mindfulness.

I am imparting this daily yoga practice to help me balance, physically and mentally. Here is what I have planned for the Seven Day Stretch:

Day One: Daily Stretch routine plus 3 half sun salutations, corpse pose

Day Two: Daily Stretch routine plus 3 half sun salutations, seated stretches

Day three: Daily Stretch routine

Day Four: Daily Stretch routine plus 3 half sun salutations, standing poses

Day Five: Daily Stretch routine

Day Six: Daily Stretch routine plus 3 half sun salutations, standing poses & seated stretches

Day Seven: Daily Stretch routine

Daily Stretch Routine-

  • 10-20 Pelvic Tilts
  • 5-10 Cat to Cow
  • Settle into Downward facing dog for 5-10 breaths
  • Step right foot forward next to right hand to low lunge. Drop the back knee to the floor
  • Re-straighten back leg. Slowly straighten front leg and bend forward over front leg. Try to keep foot flat and go back and forth between a bent and straight leg several times.
  • Step back to Downward facing dog, repeat on other side
  • Walk feet to the front of the mat until standing in a forward bend. Roll up to Mountain Pose
Half Sun Salutations:
  • Take the arms to the side and press palms together other head
  • Swan dive to forward bend, then come up to flat back with fingertips on floor, then back to forward bend, back down and into toe lock if feeling flexible. Next step in flexibility is to place palms flat next to feet.
  • Make sure to bring weight to the balls of the feet and hips are directly over ankles.
  • Come back to raised arm and mountain pose. Do 3-5 more of these half sun salutations
  • Come down to pigeon pose for a hip stretch
  • Take the next time to work on something you would like, an inversion or arm balance maybe
  • Spend just a few minutes working on this a day
  • Spend a few minutes relaxing in corpse pose. Let your body absorb into the ground and center yourself.
Seated Stretches:
  • Cobblers Pose (Butterfly)
  • Bring one knee to ankle with leg resting on top of other. Come into forward bend.
  • Then straight legs in front of you staff pose, flex the feet, make spine long
  • Repeat knee to ankle on other leg
  • Then into Cow Face Pose-one leg crossed over the other, holding hands behind the back, forward bend if possible, repeat pose on other leg and arms
  • Return to Cobblers Pose
  • Keep one leg tucked and extend the other out straight. Forward bend and keep foot flexed. Try to get head to knee. Return to Cobblers and repeat on other side.\
  • Take legs out into wide straddle position, flex both feet and press legs down strongly, forward bend into the center, extending the spine on your breaths.
Standing Poses:
  • Downward facing dog
  • Into lunge
  • Then warrior 1-Hands above head-3-10 breaths
  • Exhale into warrior 2 for 3-10 breaths
  • Reach hand down back leg and bring other arm along ear into Reverse Warrior. Keep front leg bent over ankle. Hold 3-10 breaths
  • Come into extended side angle pose, hold 3-10 breaths, bent leg
  • Then into triangle pose-legs straight, use block if needed, 3-10 breath
  • Straighten leg, soften knee, kick other leg up into Half Moon Pose, Straighten other arm up to the sky, hold 3-10 breath
  • Back to Downward Facing Dog and repeat entire sequence on the other side

Stay tuned for updates on the Seven Day Stretch and all the things life has to offer. As always I try to keep my blog positive and focus on the good parts of life. Here's to a bright day, a better day, a clear mind and a happy heart...


My reminder to keep pressing forward...never forget the way you felt...

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