Monday, July 26, 2010

So you're here again already?!

It's already the week of the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race and feel unsure, sore and scared. I thought I got all the jitters out of my system last year!

I really wish I would have trained harder, longer and more often. I am still going to strive for my 2:15:00 time but who knows what may happen out there. Currently the forecast is for 80 and sunny. I am trying to eat healthy, stay active and keep pushing myself. Yesterday at the gym I biked 13.94 miles-58 minutes and ran 5k-43 minutes. I know I will be exhausted from the bike because that first part absolutely killed me last year. I just hope that I can stay mentally focused and push through the run. I would LOVE to break 40 minutes but I don't see that happening realistically at the end of that bike. I need to stay focused, I need to stay positive, I need to stay motivated and stop comparing myself to others. I try to tell myself that I am still carrying 50 lbs or more than some of these people and I'm still pushing myself. It's hard to keep the negative thoughts from creeping in though.

I know a couple things....I am strong, I am determined and I have the want to make it to the end, no matter how long it takes me. As long as I can remember that this race is for me and no-one else I will be fine.

Till next time....

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