Monday, August 2, 2010

Another triathlon under my belt...

So I'm about 36 hours out from my 2nd Triathlon. It was didn't go so great, but the sense of accomplishment is great!

At the start I was concerned with the paddle portion since I was in a boat I had never been in, a shorter paddle and a completed different paddling position due to the size of the boats. They tell you to never do anything new the day of a new foods, no new clothes, and definitely no new gear! I broke this rule not only did I wear a new shirt, but I had a completely untested kayak, an a new elevated bike seat.

As I set in the water waiting for the start I was feeling scared..then it was go time! Before I knew it I was hit in the head with a paddle, being shoved to the back of the pack. I paddled hard to get anywhere for the first 5 minutes. Finally I get into some open water and kept pushing hard. As I round the turn around I see another paddler who flipped their boat on the turn. I just keep telling myself to keep my core strong and stay stable. I finally get to the end of the paddle and go to run up to transition but my ankle is throbbing because of the shape of the boat and the way I had to position my legs & feet. Out of transition and to the mounting line I hop on my bike feeling pretty good about the 20k to come.

Through the North Shore and then up the ramp to the HOV Lane, I remember this feeling. Burning legs and sweat dripping down my forehead I forge up the 6% grade dodging rumble strips & broken glass. Less than 2 miles to the Perrysville turn around I try to shift from 1st to 2nd gear and my bike is being stubborn. After several attempts, the chain finally pops. Thanks to my wonderful husband I know how to get it back on! After I get through this obstacle and head into the turn around I realize I have 2 flat tires! FANTASTIC! Not! Grabbing a Gatorade at the bottle exchange I head to the lovely bike maintenance station to get some air & a new tube. Standing there for what seemed like eternity I get back on my bike and head back up the ramp. No where else to put it my Gatorade finds a home in my sports bra for about 7 miles.

Sailing down the hill trying to pedal hard my ankle is still throbbing and it feels like I have no power behind it. I realize my rear tire is flat again. Thanks for cleaning the glass off the HOV lane PennDot.

As I come into the dismount I see my amazing husband, my trainer Josh and his gf. It's a welcome sight after a grueling 20k.

Out of transition and into the run, or should I say stumble. My ankle hates me officially at this point. I jog for the first mile and then have to stop and walk for a bit. Making a friend along the trail we run together for a while and then I'm back to walking, then running, then walking, then running...Frustrating! I just want to run already! Finally coming near the end I see my supporters and hop along busting for the finish line. I finished! 2 flats, popped bike chain, busted ankle and all, I made it! I was thrilled to finish my 2nd triathlon.

As I got home I started thinking about my effort and I'm really happy that I've finished but I'm also feeling a little defeated. I wish I could have performed better. A million thoughts go through my head about why, what, how, when, where...but I have to tell myself I did a great job and I should be really proud of what I did!

So I am! I am proud of my accomplishment and I 'm thrilled to have the opportunity to compete in these races. I am looking forward to more great races in the future and hopefully they will be with a 40 lb slimmer Krystyn who is enjoying her goal weight and all the advantages it brings to my races.

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