Friday, May 20, 2011

Another 5.25 Inches Gone! Summertime here I come...

So I go back and forth between actually using the Self Challenges website and employing my own tactics to stay on track. I am happy to announce I have lost another 5.25" from my waist! Whoop Whoop! (I decided to stay off the scale due to my past unhealthy obsession with it and just relish in the amazing accomplishment in inches! This in itself is a huge step for me.)

Nutrition is always hard to stay on course with because there are so many temptations and it's easy to let food control you instead of the other way around. I often wonder if this will be a lifetime struggle or conquering food or if it will dissipate as I get closer to my goal. With close to 100 lbs lost you would think I would have kicked it by now!

On the fitness front...After getting the go-ahead from my Hip guru Ron, I have been soo excited to start running again. I am still run/walking and I am looking forward to my first 5k back on June 9th. I love evening races and it's a great wooded park so I am really looking forward to it! In other news I have gotten back into Pilates. I simply love it and nothing works the core out like a good Pilates class with an amazing instructor. Physique Rx'd is amazing and I highly recommend going and meeting Lynsey and giving Pilates a chance! I have a long time love affair with Yoga but I am really loving the burn of Pilates.

Stay tuned for more as summer gets closer and keep pushing towards your goals! You are so worth everything you want in life and it's something I constantly have to keep reminding myself of.


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