Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's Tuesday morning, I'm dressed and ready to walk out the door to training. I run outside to grab Max off his lead and to my shock and dismay the damn dog is gone! Snapping through 1/8" steel cable all 60 pounds of him is gone leaving nothing but a broken cable and an upset Krystyn. After about 45 minutes of searching he is nowhere to be found. While Jason is out riding around the neighborhood I decided that I would 'mantracker' his ass and look for a path he might have followed through the woods behind our house. Thinking maybe he got what's left of his lead stuck on a tree I head out into the woods. Twenty minutes into the brush and I see a white fluffy thing streak through the woods. Either that is Max or a mutant bunny rabbit that just ran through the thick. I call his name and trudge a little deeper into the brush. Who comes bouncing up to me as happy as a clam? The damn dog! I'm elated to find him but he's still an asshole. :)

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