Friday, October 2, 2009

A rainy Friday afternoon I whip into the drive-thru line at McDonalds on my way back to the office. For a slight second I thought to myself, mmmm, Burger & fries shortly followed by the thought of the misery and intestinal pain I would feel later feel. Followed by this, almost instantly, was the thought of putting myself yet one more burger away from my goal. By this time, which is probably about only 3 seconds, I have remembered I have a healthy lunch back at work waiting for me. The lady before me starts to order, "Can I have a two cheeseburger meal biggie sized, fries and a Vanilla shake?" I can't but help think to myself "How the hell is this 5'4" soccer mom putting away all this food!?" Now it's my turn...I try to be nice to the drive-thru people knowing there are assholes out there who sit there for a million years deciding, change their order and then complain about the price when they get to the window. "Can I have a side salad with no dressing please?" I think I confused the guy "No dressing" he responds, "Yeah that's perfect" I say. Moving up yet another spot in line I can hear the woman behind me order her meal, "I would like a Number 11, biggie-sized with a Sweet Tea". A Sweet Tea! Doesn't she know how many calories are in a sweet tea!!! Faintly in the background of her high-calorie lunch order I can hear her and her friends chatting about how they never seem to be able to lose weight no matter what they do.

Now trust me, I have no room to judge, I let myself get to 300 pounds via snacking, snacking and well, more snacking. However, to all of the women out there that have 30, 40, 50 pounds to lose, STOP EATING CRAP NOW! I know life is hard sometimes and people eat for crazy reasons but stop the madness now while you still can! If someone had told me at 200 pounds that in a year I would weigh 300 pounds I would have never believed them, but it happened. Years of self-neglect, self sabotage and pain did their damage.

A year and a half of hard work, determination and ass-kicking by my trainer has whipped me into shape physically and mentally. Through all the pounds I have lost and all the self-respect I have gained I still can't help but think sometimes about where I would be now if I started this journey a hundred pounds ago.

The Message for the Day...Start treating yourself with a little more respect and dignity each day. Who knows, you may even lose a pound or two.

"A persons worst enemy can't wish on him what he can think up himself"

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  1. Nice job on the opening Blog, Kryssy. You inspire me every day!