Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eco Tips for Idiots...

So I was just reading an article on the top ten ways a college student can be environmentally friendly while on campus. I agreed with many but then there was this one....They encourage you to stay connected online, which I don't think is all that hard of a fete this days. Then expanded to include that you can read most newspapers and magazines online nowadays. All this I agree with and then I read "with Facebook and Skype there's hardly any reason to write a letter anymore" Now call me silly, but I don't think it's the masses of letters being written home from college students that are ruining our environment.

In other news, I found this FitDesk bike/laptop holder that I must have! It's perfect for the girl who wants to be active and the boy who wants to stay home and enjoy the internet and video games. :)

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