Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hard at Work

So the Self Challenge is going well! Minus the Subway people trying to sabotage me with an oil covered sandwich. That's a story for another day:)

I have been taking photos of everything I eat and sending it to my friend Jennie in order to keep me on the straight and narrow and so far its working! Since you are asking a good friend to fill their inbox with pictures of your food you are a little more careful to not eat mindlessly. I have been surprised so far to realize that I was more worried about being a "bother" than her actually scolding me for what I eat. I think that's pretty telling...

As far as the Self Challenge itself, the tools are super interactive and easy to use and the recipes are well-balanced and full of variety for the cook or the person on the go. The water tracker is nice. I'm a huge water drinker though and I run out of glasses to click :) My calorie count for yesterday was 1452 and I only used about 80 "Happy Calories" and I spent them on a latte at Starbucks. I am interested to see how I do on the weekend when I have a few drinks and go out with friends.

The workouts they provide seem like they would be useful. I work with a personal trainer and do cardio on my own so I don't think I will be using their exercises much. I wish I could kick this cold though because it is really messing up my workouts this week. First I missed training on Monday because I got stuck for an hour and a half in traffic and I worked out yesterday but damn near passed out so I decided to take a break today. Hopefully I will feel up to walking tomorrow.

Today marks just 87 days until my 30th birthday and 121 days until my favorite girls and I leave for Miami to celebrate!

*Sara and I during the girls Atlantic City outing last summer for Jennie's 30th :)


  1. hi krystyn, my name is meghan and i saw you posted a link to your blog on self's facebook page. i am doing the challenge too! i am more loosely following the meal plan and using it as a way to step up my exercise routine. the drop 10 work out is really a kick in the ass! i jog a few times a week but needed to step it up and the drop 10 challenge came along at the perfect time. i also LOOOVE the idea of happy calories. tonight i am planning to use mine to grab a beer at happy hour with some friends. :) best of luck to you!!

  2. Thanks Meghan! Good luck to you and thanks for following my blog!!

    I think the Self Challenge is a great way to get back on track or start fresh if you are new to being healthy! Hope to hear on your progress :)