Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Challenge

So I've lost a ton of weight, hit a plateau, gained a few back and am rehabing a bad left hip...It's been an interesting turn of events in the past year.

It is time to get back in the saddle and hit the weightloss hard before 30 comes knocking on my door in June. What better way to do this than to follow the Self Drop 10 Challenge.

Here's how it works:

1350 calories a day (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) and 1750 "Happy Calories" for the week. I will come here each week to weigh in on my progress and see how I like the plan. More than counting calories I will be picking and choosing meals they have come up with.

Along with this plan I have instituted a way of policing myself...I am photographing everything I eat and sending it to my best friend in New Jersey. If things get out of hand I know she will hop a plane to Pittsburgh, beat me with my own cupcake and teach me a lesson about where not to go back to!

For the record I ate 3 raisins and sent her a text instead of a photo...I didn't feel 3 raisins were photo worthy, but if I eat 3 raisins twenty times a day we might need to change something. :)

Of course I will be continuing my personal training, hip rehab and my own "Happy-Hip, Back to Running" plan I have instituted. That is a whole lot of plan! I am sure I will narrow down the path as I settle back into a weight loss routine instead of a maintenance/light gain plan I'm currently chained to.

Here's to getting those last pounds off and getting to my goal... :)

PS-Happy Spring!

I love these ladies...

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